Golf Product Quiz Game & Leaderboard

Events Agency, Pharmaceutical

HTML5 Javascript Laravel Node.js¬ģ Web Sockets

A leading UK events agency asked us to develop a custom product quiz interface and associated golf game leaderboard software solution for their pharma client to use on an exhibition stand at a show.


One of the exhibition stand design agencies we work with approached us about creating a custom golf product quiz game app and leaderboard solution for their pharmaceutical client, for a show in Milan.



The overall concept for the golf product quiz game was already in place when we were contacted. Delegates visiting the client's stand at the pharma event would be asked a series of questions about the targeted effectiveness of the client's product. The more questions they answered correctly, the closer they could move to the hole before they had 3 golf balls to putt in. The hole was surrounded by a target, so while actually getting the ball in the hole was the jackpot, a score could also be achieved by getting the ball close to the hole.

We were required to create a number of digital elements to facilitate the operation of the golf product qioz game. Firstly, we created an interface that allowed the client's rep to log the delegate's nationality. It then brought up 3 questions in turn (at random, from a selection) along with multiple choice answers. The rep could then input the delegate's answer, and it would advise whether or not they were correct, and their running score. Once the delegate had answered 3 questions, the app would then advise the rep which of the 4 lines - 0, 1, 2 or 3 answers correct - the delegate should putt from. The more answers correct, the closer to the hole the delegate would be positioned. The rep could then log the points score for each of the shots in turn, to give a total score for the delegate. 

When the delegate had finished their game, the rep would end the quiz. This would then use Node.js and websockets to connect to the server, when a wifi connection was available, to submit the data from that game. The app, which was running on an iPad, would store all data locally until a cookie was received back from the server to say that the data had been successfully submitted, at which point it was deleted. This allowed for the app to run without a connection and ensured no loss of data if and when the connection dropped out. 

The second element we had to develop for this project was a leaderboard, which was displayed on a 1080p screen built into the wall of the exhibition stand. Due to legal restrictions, the client couldn't capture individual users names, so in terms of the leaderboard, we created a leaderboard based on both average and aggregated scores by country. Once the rep had submitted the data at the end of a delegate's game, it was used to calculate the leaderboard. Using a golf green piece of stock video as a background, we calculated and sorted the scores server side, then displayed the relevant country flags and scores, using pagination and transition effects in between.



The golf product quiz game went down really well with the clients and the reps on the stand alike, and there are now plans for the solution to be customised and repurposed for use at future events.