Infographic PDF Report Generator

B2B Marketing Agency, Rail

CSS3 CSV HTML5 Laravel PDF Responsive

Custom monthly infographic PDF report generator, with CSV import and a storage library for a rail operator via a leading London B2B marketing agency.


We were brought in by a leading London B2B marketing agency to help specify and develop a custom Infographic PDF Report Generator solution for their client, a rail operator in the UK transport industry. 

They wanted to be able to automate the process of creating monthly PDF reports of their KPIs in infographic form on the fly. We were more than happy to help...



First off we tackled the core solution: the Infographic PDF report generator. We built the report template in HTML, along with a CSV template for data entry, and mapped the fields from one to the other. The CSV used one row per region, and each column in that row represented a fields. For some fields, we needed to show an up or down arrow (up was sometimes red and sometimes green, depending on whether it was a good or bad thing to be up). Other fields displayed a number or a percentage figure. 

We then built a secure online responsive web interface, with a secure login area. Once logged in, a user could download either the blank CSV template or the latest upload. They could also upload a new CSV file, which would then create a series of 2 page PDFs, one for each region (represented by a row on the CSV). The new set of PDFs were then named and stored in the system's archive. Any previously generated PDFs, including the most recent set, could then be either downloaded or emailed directly from the system.



The solution works like a dream. We've subsequently made a couple of minor tweaks to the template to allow for additional customisation, but other than that it has run perfectly and both the client and agency were extremely happy with the end result and it's effectiveness, particularly given the limited budget available for the project.