B2B Marketing Agency, Finance

CSS3 HTML5 Laravel Responsive

We were approached by a leading B2B marketing agency with some signed off artwork and asked to develop a custom Laravel intranet solution for one of their financial sector clients.


A leading UK B2B marketing agency came to us with signed off artwork for a custom intranet development. This was for one of their financial sector clients.




The B2B marketing agency had fully developed and designed the solution when they approached us. The design utilised a responsive, tile-based approach and user-customisable tiles to provide them with quick access from their dashboard to content which they frequently required access to.

The intranet had to be accessible via a range of devices, both within the client's premises and remotely. It contained highly sensitive information with regards to their products and tools for calculating client pricing, so security was a key consideration. The intranet also contains sales and marketing collateral and campaigns, document libraries, digital assets, and other useful content. 

There were also elements of the intranet which could only be navigated by users specifically granted access. Other services contained within, such as holiday requests, were limited to the user, their line manager and members of the HR team. We therefore had to develop a complex matrix of user permissions to manage these access requirements.



The project was delivered on time and on budget, and has worked with few issues ever since. Due to the scalable way in which we approached the project - and in particular the use of Laravel - we've had no problems subsequently developing additional functionality for the solution.