Exhibition Quiz Game

Events Agency, Pharmaceutical

CSS3 HTML5 Javascript Node.js® Web Sockets

Working with one of the UK's leading Events and Exhibitions agencies, we developed a custom quiz game application using Node.js and Web Sockets for a pharma client's stand at an exhibition in Florida.


One of the agencies who we are lucky enough to work with regularly came to us with an idea for a quiz game for on an exhibition stand at a pharmaceutical event in Florida. They had pitched to the client the idea of using a sketch artist to provide clues, but hadn’t got any further than that. We developed functional, technical and hardware specifications, designed wireframes for the different interfaces, and developed the technical execution of the solution.



The solution we devised utilised a local area network to connect a number of devices via websockets in order to facilitate the quiz game. We created a node.js application which ran on a PC on the stand, and which drove a number of other devices. The resulting solution included:

  • Sketch artist drawing on an iPad Pro, with an iPod Touch providing him with a prompt for the next question to allow him to prepare what he was going to need to sketch as a clue.
  • 2x 1080p screens embedded in a wall on the stand. When the quiz wasn’t running, these showed a series of information, with the relevant brand logo appearing on one screen, and a number of related slides on the other. When the quiz was in progress, one of these screens showed a mirror image from the sketch artist’s iPad Pro, while the other showed either the overall leaderboard, the scoreboard for the current game, or the current question.
  • The quizmaster had an iPad, with which they could select a “bucket” of questions, switch between buckets, start a question, end a question/dsiplay the correct answer, and display the scoreboard. They also had control of starting and ending the quiz, which switched the 1080p screens on the wall back to the screensaver presentations.
  • There were also 3 colour coded iPads for delegates, each of which displayed the multiple choice answers for the current question.

We also helped develop the in-game mechanics and scoring system; each question lasted for 30 seconds and any delegate who answered correctly got a score of however many seconds were remaining (so that if they answered after 1 second they got 29 points, if they watched the sketch artist drawing the clue for 29 seconds before answering then they got 1 point. Incorrect answers scored 0 points. The highest number of points over the course of 8 questions won. The scoreboard displayed a bar chart, colour coded to match the delegate’s iPad interface, with the current number of points; which could be brought up between any of the questions, whenever the quizmaster felt was most appropriate.

We also had the PC linked to the wifi network, so while that wasn’t required for the game itself (in case of drop out of connection) it allowed us to push updates to questions, etc remotely.



A rip roaring success with delegates and the client alike. Much fun was had, and there were no onsite issues. The project was delivered on time and on budget, and we made sure that we were available for some last minute changes requested by the client during the stand build, which was on a Saturday afternoon in Florida, so Saturday night UK time.