Touchscreen eDetail

Events Agency, Pharmaceutical

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We were approached by a leading events company to take a series of PDF documents and develop a number of touchscreen eDetail presentations for one of their pharmaceutical clients, for use on an exhibition stand at a show in Vienna, Austria.


We were approached by a leading UK events agency to develop a self-serve touchscreen eDetailing solution for one of their pharma clients, for use on their exhibition stand at an event in Vienna, Austria. We also provided onsite technical support in Vienna for both the stand install, and for the duration of the event.



As a starting point, we were provided with a series of A4 PDF documents, which we needed to convert for use as a touchscreen eDetail application on both a set of iPads and also a pair of 1080p touchscreen TVs, which were set laid flat into touchtables for use on the exhibition stand.  

We had to create responsive versions of the A4 PDFs in HTML and CSS, in order that the app would work across both the iPad and 1080p touchtables. We opted to wrap the app in it's own Google Chrome instance, and to use browser caching. This allowed us to access the app both remotely and onsite in order to make updates during the show. 

At the end of the touchscreen eDetail presentation, the delegate had the option to select some or all of the slides from the eDetail, and to enter their email address. This information was then stored locally and we used Node.js and websockets to check whether there was a wifi connection and to send the data to the server. Once the data was successfully logged server side, a PDF of the requested slides was created on the fly and emailed out to the delegate. A record of all documents sent out was logged for reference.

For this event, we also edited together a series of pieces of video and animated HTML/CSS versions of additional static PDFs for use on a video wall on the exhibition stand.



There were a few minor tweaks required to both the eDetailing app and the video wall during the stand build and client walk around, but the rest of the show went without a hitch.