Web Application - Guess Who game

B2B Marketing Agency, Finance

CSS3 HTML5 Javascript

A leading London B2B marketing agency wanted to create a web app to help a financial sector client's customers decide which of the service packages they offer best met their needs.


Due to upcoming changes to tax regulations, a leading London B2B marketing agency came to us with an idea for a Guess Who game web application for their financial services client.



A London Financial Services client wanted to help their own clients navigate through their service offering, in the context of updated tax regulations. In collaboration with a leading B2B marketing agency, also based in London, we developed the Guess Who game web application.

Utilising buyer persona development techniques, we created visual representations for some potential clients. We then developed a matrix to map potential answers to the clients differing service offerings, and plotted the character images onto this. 

The responsive web app takes users through a series of questions; with the answer to each removing some of the possible outcomes, like in the Guess Who children's game. Once the user has answered all of the questions, they will be left with only the service or services that are most relevant to them. This is followed by a series of CTAs, encouraging users to find out more about more the client's company can assist them.



The client was impressed with the visual and technical execution of the concept, and their clients have found it to be a great way to establish which service offering is the best fit for their needs.